Kyungmi Park, Noosa NSW

Kyungmi Park, Noosa NSW, Franchisee

When did you open or become a Sushi Izu franchisee?
11th of April 2022.

Why did you choose a Sushi Izu franchise over another franchise?
Firstly, location! Every customer in Woolworths is my potential customer so I have facing for every customer that comes in and marketing. And second would be high quality sushi! All the sushi on the display cabinet look so good and very delicious.

What are the benefits of owning a franchise over a standalone sushi business?
Specialised management system, high quality sushi menu and recipes and guaranteed stable sales!

What did you do before starting your Sushi Izu franchise?
Auto Mechanic.

What is the best aspect of operating your own Sushi Izu franchise?
I could learn how to operate the sushi business in the right way. As a result, my business is growing every day and I am satisfied with that.

What kind of training and support did you receive?
Everything! Food safety, how to make sushi, customer service, staff training and sales management.

What is your favourite menu item to make?
Crunchy Chicken Katsu, Aburi Salmon Nigiri and Curry bowls.

Please share a memorable experience you’ve had during your time as a Sushi Izu franchisee.
One day, out of habit I just said, “Thank you.” to a customer but she told me, “I’m even more grateful for you making such wonderful sushi.” I could feel her sincerity, and I was proud of my product as a Sushi Izu franchisee.
Also, I have witnessed quite a lot of staff from the shopping centre and Woolworths have sushi or hot food for lunch every day and that makes me happy, giving me the energy to run my business better.