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Yes, all directors, guarantors and shareholders must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident.

Yes, your franchise agreement outlines the requirements for a sales transfer, and the standard recruitment and selection process will apply to all prospective franchisees.

Franchisees interested in a second location must have a proven track record of goal orientated success and can demonstrate they are truly committed towards our brand and overall strategies.

We have several multi-site franchisees in our network. We’ll never say never; however, our expectations are high to ensure your continued success.

The average cost to establish an AFC franchise can range up to $75,000 (excluding GST).

These costs include franchisee fee, training and associated travel costs, kitchen and operating supplies, equipment, insurances, regulatory fees and operating capital.

Under the Franchising Code of Conduct, a franchisor must allow a franchisee to seek the necessary advice from their accountant, business advisor and/or legal representative during a 14-day period from the time of receiving your suite of franchise documents before executing them for the benefit of understanding the very nature of the agreement they’re about to enter for 5 years.

All ingredients and/or equipment used in our sushi bar operations must be purchased from an AFC approved supplier.

AFC provides a comprehensive 10-day training program on every aspect of our sushi bar operations at our Centre of Excellence in Sydney plus a 3-day initial training program in-store.

Once we have received your franchise application form, the selection process is rather straightforward:

  1. Attend in-store assessment (ISA) – an opportunity for both parties to assess each other and our sushi bar operations.
  2. Submit business plan – an opportunity for both parties to set congruent goals for the first year and beyond.
  3. Final meeting – meet with a senior member of staff from AFC to discuss how well you performed at the ISA; discuss your business plan in more detail; allow both parties to get better acquainted; and provide an opportunity for you to ask questions.

We are seeking franchisees with a flair for customer service and an entrepreneurial spirit to drive sales. Being able to connect with customers is your most valuable asset.

There are many personal attributes we look for in a prospective franchisee over and above their ability to make sushi. They are, but not limited to, being:

  • Astute
  • Passionate
  • Committed
  • Relentless
  • Goal-orientated
  • Responsive
  • Gregarious

Above all, we value people who are willing to make a difference and put the customer first!

Remember, a customer’s experience is tantamount to repeat business…

Key benefits include:

  • Low start-up costs;
  • No construction costs;
  • We provide tools and on-going support to help make your business successful;
  • Great locations with enormous potential;
  • Ongoing new product development ‘NPD’;
  • Personal satisfaction that comes from working with your staff and customers; and
  • Personal growth and business knowledge you will develop from your experiences as a franchisee.

Yes, the success of your business depends upon your active involvement.

You must understand and be across every aspect of your business daily, whether it’s food preparation, rolling sushi, receiving inventory or customer engagement, you must have your finger on the pulse always, especially during peak trading periods.

Remember, supermarket sushi is a product of its own environment where consumer decisions are made in a split second.

The Fast Food Industry Award 2010 applies to our sushi bar operations.

You can choose from any of our available sites.

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