Hyun Kim, Avalon NSW

Hyun Kim, Franchisee, Avalon NSW

When did you open or become a Sushi Izu franchisee?
6th of July 2022.

Why did you choose a Sushi Izu franchise over another franchise?
As Sushi Izu is located inside Woolworths, it has high foot traffic. It was also low to invest in and already had high brand awareness.

What are the benefits of owning a franchise over a standalone sushi business?
Purchasing a franchise comes with a lower risk than starting a new sushi business. With a franchise, the target audience is already established and active. Existing brand recognition also makes it easier for you to attract customers.

What did you do before starting your Sushi Izu franchise?
I was working at a Sushi train and a Korean Restaurant.

What is the best aspect of operating your own Sushi Izu franchise?
A Sushi izu franchisee has access to a deep reservoir of business assistance to guide us through the process of owning and operating a business. This knowledge can be essential to running a successful business and makes it much easier.

What kind of training and support did you receive?
AFC provided me with industry-relevant training that help me develop the necessary skills to succeed at the job.

What is your favourite menu item to make?
Avocado Hoso, Rainbow, Salmon Nigiri, Aburi Salmon Nigiri.