Hee Jeong Nam, Revesby NSW

Hee Jeong Nam, Revesby NSW, Franchisee

When did you open or become a Sushi Izu franchisee?
I started in 2013. It was great and easy to open with Sushi Izu as they gave me all the recipes and equipment.

What are the benefits of owning a franchise over a standalone sushi business?
It was simpler than my personal sushi shop and I liked that customers would buy sushi while shopping in Woolworths.

What did you do before starting your Sushi Izu franchise?
I worked in a private sushi shop.

What is the best aspect of operating your own Sushi Izu franchise?
Couples can work together with a small number of employees and the headquarters manages the sales and money and are good to work with.

What kind of training and support did you receive?
It’s good, the headquarters team educate you on all the recipes of the menu and everything you need in the food sales business.

What is your favourite menu item to make?
Tuna Avocado, Chicken Katsu Avocado, and Salmon Nigiri.

Please share a memorable experience you’ve had during your time as a Sushi Izu franchisee.
I have been running my store for 10 years, there are many regular customers that come to our stall, and I take pride in this business when regular customers give me presents and say thank you for making delicious sushi.