It’s no secret, AFC Sushi does not compromise on quality. We use Fresh Atlantic Salmon in all our products. We realised quickly early on there is no substitute for Fresh Atlantic Salmon.

AFC Sushi has forged a strong alliance with Australia’s leading producer of Atlantic Salmon, Tassal.

Fresh Atlantic Salmon is the most versatile ingredient we use across multiple applications, that is, showcased in Sashimi, Nigiri, Salads and all our Sushi Rolls we serve our customers every day.

Fun facts:

  • Our number 1 selling line features Fresh Atlantic Salmon; and
  • 3 of our top 10 products feature Fresh Atlantic Salmon.

When speaking truths, it’s no secret either, Tassal are recognised as world leaders in sustainability, quality and innovation. AFC Sushi is fortunate to partner with a company that values the importance of our environment, their people and processes. Notwithstanding Tassal was the first Salmon farming company in the world to achieve Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) certification across all our farming regions.

AFC Sushi is proud to work closely alongside our Partners at Tassal.