AFC Sushi prides itself on its rice recipes and preparation procedures. Good quality, acidified sushi rice underpins the success of our products.

When we first opened in Australia, AFC Sushi used the same rice grain as our US parent entity. We realised early on the benefits of sourcing a locally grown rice grain and switched to a premium short grain rice that is ideal for sushi. It was at this time, AFC Sushi and SunRice developed a close and collaborative supply partnership.

Fun facts:

  • The word ‘sushi’ actually means ‘vinegar rice’ – ‘su’ being the Japanese word for vinegar and ‘shi’ an abbreviation of the word ‘meshi’, a colloquial name for cooked rice; and
  • Rice constitutes over half the weight of our sushi products.

Australian grown rice is synonymous with SunRice, one of the largest rice food companies in the world. SunRice supply almost 50 countries with diverse, innovative and nutritious rice food products, and through their successful food ingredients and foodservice divisions, contribute to thousands of other brands and businesses around the world.

AFC Sushi values its partnership with SunRice and we’re honoured to be associated with the best in their business.