AFC is the proud owner of Australia's largest sushi franchise, Sushi Izu.
Why choose AFC?

Low Setup Cost

An AFC franchise starts from as little as $50,000, making your dream of owning your own business even easier.

Woolworths Partnership

Our partnership with Australia's largest supermarket group gives our franchisees a valuable sales platform and a clear advantage over our competitors.

Training & Support

Our team provides ongoing training and support to make sure you're getting the most out of your investment and delivering the best experience for our customers.

Welcome from our Australian General Manager

By way of introduction, my name is Damien Blakeney, General Manager at AFC Sushi Australia. I’ve had the pleasure of leading this start-up sushi franchise since we opened our first 3 locations in December 2011.

Despite the inherent challenges of any start-up business, notwithstanding the challenges the franchise sector continually endures, my journey at AFC has been truly refreshing and rewarding.

Franchising is the cornerstone of small business and is all about people working toward a common goal. Results are achieved from understanding those goals. The underlying goal is usually life enrichment.

The team and I share a simple philosophy towards our business, which is ‘always strive to do better’. In other words, never settle on your efforts today but focus on how you can do better tomorrow! We believe this ethos is tantamount to improving everyday lives.

My team and I have not been alone since inception. We’ve always had the support of our US parent entity, especially during the first 3 years when we opened 149 locations.

While the concept of making and serving sushi inside a supermarket was pioneered by our Founder, Mr Ryuji Ishii in the US over 30 years ago, AFC’s rise in Australia could not have been achieved without its strong alliance and partnership with Woolworths Supermarkets.

The unheralded notion of serving hand-crafted, fresh sushi, in-store to thousands and thousands of customers every day is a testament to the success of ‘Supermarket Sushi’ in Australia.

We sincerely hope you find the information available on our website useful and feel inspired to consider a franchise opportunity or perhaps a career at AFC. I encourage you to visit one of our Sushi Izu outlets in a Woolworths near you for a memorable sushi experience!

– Damien Blakeney, General Manager, AFC Sushi Australia

Some of our success stories
Woolworths, Client

Woolworths has been working with AFC for over 7 years and during this time opened over 180 sushi bars across our fleet of Supermarkets and Metro stores.

We have found AFC to be a world class sushi partner that has helped Woolworths become the largest sushi retailer in the country. Their commitment to customer service, quality and consistency of product is second to none.

Damien and the team constantly review our offer to ensure Woolworths are ahead of any new trends and a step in-front of the competition.

We have an excellent working relationship based on honestly and respect. This platform allows us to focus all our energy on the customer.

Luisa and the QA team are dedicated and meticulous in their approach to Quality, while Joseph and the store teams build strong working relationship with our operational leads.

I have always found the team at AFC to be extremely professional and unrelenting in their pursuit of perfection for the customer.

We have created a strong business with AFC and look forward to many more years of mutual success.

Ki Young Kyoung, Cairns & Noosa Franchisee

When did you open or become a Sushi Izu franchisee? 
19 November 2014

Why did you choose a Sushi Izu franchise over another franchise?
Low investment and located inside Woolworths Supermarket.

What are the benefits of owning a franchise over a standalone sushi business?
Food safety; high foot traffic; and high-quality sushi menu and recipes.

What did you do before starting your Sushi Izu franchise?
Take away sushi and Chinese food.

What is the best aspect of operating your own Sushi Izu franchise?
Food safety; high foot traffic; low risk; and low advertising spend.

What kind of training and support did you receive?
I’ve received training in customer service, new menu items and food safety.

What is your favourite menu item to make?
‘Akane’ sushi combination, Teriyaki Chicken Dragon Roll and our Salmon Shoreline Combo.

Please share a memorable experience you’ve had during your time as a Sushi Izu franchisee.
Many of our customers are tourists in Cairns. One day a customer told me he’s on holiday and today was his last day after spending three nights in Cairns. He told me he bought sushi from us every night. Night one, medium roll. Night two, Salmon Shoreline Combo. Night three, ‘Suisen’ sushi combination. He said ‘it was the best sushi he has ever eaten, and if he could stay longer he would eat more’. ‘Very to sad to leave’ and left with a Poke Bowl.

I also had one day when the Woolworths Store Manager at Cairns came over to our sushi bar and said, ‘Thank you!’. He further explained, ‘many customers have told me our store is the best because of its sushi offer.’ That made me very proud.

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