Huey Rhee, Norwest Franchisee

When did you open or become a Sushi Izu franchisee?
8 February 2017

Why did you choose a Sushi Izu franchise over another franchise?
I worked at AFC for 5 years as Head Trainer before becoming a franchisee. I was very confident in being successful as I understood every aspect of our sushi bar operation given my previous experience.

What are the benefits of owning a franchise over a standalone sushi business?
Quite simple, loads of foot traffic and it’s a simple operation. Most ingredients are ready to eat. All payments are handled by Woolworths at their registers. I therefore save on labour. AFC handles all supplier invoices, which is convenient for any small business owner, and further protects our entire franchise network.

What did you do before starting your Sushi Izu franchise?
Head Trainer at AFC.

What is the best aspect of operating your own Sushi Izu franchise?
Of course, making a profit! Also, learning new food trends from the US and across Australia.

What kind of training and support did you receive?
This is a hard question since I was AFC’s Head Trainer. However, we received two weeks initial training from AFC with a keen focus on business mentality. Despite being chefs, we’re retailers too – we must hit the floor and sell, sell, sell!

What is your favourite menu item to make?
Grilled items and crunchy roll. I also like our various sushi combinations named after Japanese flowers. I believe these combos are what separates us from our competitors.

Please share a memorable experience you’ve had during your time as a Sushi Izu franchisee.
It was opening day! It was my first-time in business, so naturally I was a bit nervous. The AFC team provided huge support for 5 days and assisted with strong customer engagement – all for me. How beautiful! I could see the AFC team truly wanted my business to succeed. Thank you!